Monique Burr Foundation Positively Impacting 3 Million Children Across The Country

March 27, 2019 – Jacksonville, FLThe Monique Burr Foundation for Children, Inc. continues to reach and positively impact children, educators and families across the country. MBF Prevention Education Programs have educated more than 3 million children in nineteen states across the country, and the Cayman Islands.

Children suffer higher rates of victimization and crime than adults. One in four children will experience some type of trauma or victimization before they reach the age of 16. Prevention education has been shown to be effective at protecting children. MBF Prevention Education Programs, which include MBF Child Safety Matters®, MBF Teen Safety Matters®and MBF Athlete Safety Matters, are evidence-based and evidence-informed prevention programs. They address the most common types of victimization experienced by children and teens, including bullying, cyberbullying, child abuse (physical, emotional, sexual, and neglect), relationship abuse, exploitation, and digital dangers.

“MBF Prevention Education Programs were developed withschools, not just forschools,” shared Lynn Layton, president, Monique Burr Foundation for Children, “We develop curricula that is age-appropriate, comprehensive and fun, and that have been shown effective at protecting children.” National subject matter experts, state leaders, and agencies in the education and prevention fields support the programs. “The MBF Child Safety Mattersprogram is impressive. This important information is well-formulated, well-presented, developmentally appropriate, and based on good understanding of literature,” shared David Finkelhor, Ph.D, Director, Crimes Against Children Research Center.

The positive impact MBF programs are having in schools and youth organizations across America continue to spread as more and more schools and organizations are adopting the curricula. “I heard about the program through my son,” said Roberta Targino, M.S., Parent and Mental Health Counselor. “He came home and showed me the safety rules. I cannot thank MBF enough; to have other people who are also concerned about my child’s safety and the safety of other kids is wonderful. I especially like the program’s focus on the prevention side.” The foundation of the MBF programs are the “5 Safety Rules” that educate and empower children and teens to prevent, recognize, and respond appropriately to all types of victimization. “The knowledge gain and retention of our program content is remarkable,” Layton said. While we are elated to see sites in 19 states across the country using MBF Prevention Education Programs, we want every child to have the tools they need to help adults protect them.”

What They're Saying...

The MBF Child Safety Matters program is impressive. This important information is well formulated and well presented, developmentally appropriate, and based on good understanding of literature.

The MBF Teen Safety Matters curriculum hosts an in-depth approach to important social and safety concerns relevant to youth. The program content is age-appropriate with engaging activities, jargon, and realistic situations to positively promote a relatable and impacting learning experience…Teen Safety Matters is an educational benefit to all parties involved – students, parents, facilitators, and schools.

There’s not a child in the world who can’t benefit from this program. There are so many instances where we see children who have been damaged and hurt. Things happened to them and we think, if they’d only had this program, if they’d only had the benefit of this education, that might not have happened to them. If we can prevent that from happening to a single child, then it’s worth all the effort we have put forth

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